The requirements for the raffle are:

Follow the profile of @hotelsulayr and @alquilersulayr on Instagram (participation in the
competition is open to those Instagram users who start following both official profiles once the
participation period has started, as well as to those who have already been following it before
the start of the competition).
Give «like» to the photo announcing the contest.
Mention two friends in the comments of the contest photo (a user can participate as many
times as he/she wants, the more times he/she comments the photo, the more chances he/she
has to win).
The participation period is set as follows:

Start date: 9 February 2020 at 10:00 a.m.
End date: 01 March 2020 at 23:59

Legal basis of the raffle:

Hotel Sulayr, located in Sierra Nevada,km.23 of Güejar Sierra, will carry out a promotion
addressed to its Instagram followers who are natural persons, of legal age, and who also meet
the requirements, requirements and conditions expressed in these legal bases (hereinafter
«the bases»), of free participation, which will be carried out in the city of Granada on the dates
and under the circumstances detailed below.


The aim of the promotion is to publicise both our hotel and its ski rental, as well as to
encourage and publicise the hiring and use of its products marketed through its website.

A raffle will be held at Instagram. Any individual of legal age who meets the requirements
established in the subsequent THIRD base can participate in the competition.

The participation period is established as follows:

Start date: 9 February 2020 at 10:00 a.m.
End date: 01 March 2020 at 23:59

At the end of the period of participation, and within THREE (3) BUSINESS DAYS from that date,
the selection of the winner will be carried out in the terms expressed in these rules. One
winner and two substitutes will be selected. Hotel Sulayr will proceed to contact the winner
and the substitutes according to the procedure established in these rules.


2.1. The winner will get one free night in our hotel, from Sunday to Friday together with the
rental of ski equipment for one day consisting of (ski/snowboard boots + snowboard or ski
poles for two people)

2.2. This free night may be exchanged at the hotel during the period from MARCH 2020 to
APRIL 2020 with the exception of the Easter period.

The redemption of this prize is always subject to room availability on the requested date.

2.3. Under no circumstances does the prize include the travel and/or transfers of the winner to
the hotel.

2.4. The participant awarded with a prize (the «winner») must duly comply with the
requirements set forth in Clause Three.

2.5. The prize awarded will not be subject to change, alteration or compensation at the
request of the winner.

2.6 The winner will upload a photo to the same social network where he or she won the prize
while enjoying his or her stay at the Sulayr Hotel**.


3.1. The competition is open to those who meet the following requirements:

Be a natural person, of legal age and a follower of HOTEL SULAYR and RENT SULAYR on
Instagram. Minors may not participate in this contest or in other promotions or activities of
the brand on Instagram. It is the responsibility of parents and/or legal guardians to monitor
their children’s use of the Internet in general and on Instagram in particular.
Have a real, personal, active profile on the Instagram social network. For this purpose, HOTEL
SULAYR/ALQUILER SULAYR will understand that a natural person only has a real profile on
Instagram, so profiles that cannot prove their correspondence with a natural person at the
time of request will be deleted and reported to Instagram. Profiles that do not match the
name of the individual who claims to be the owner of the profile may be considered fake.
Fictitious Instagram profiles will not be allowed to participate in this competition.
In order to receive the prize, participants must perform all the actions described below:
You need to be a follower of the @hotelsulayr and @alquilersulayr accounts on Instagram.
Participation in the contest is open to those Instagram users who start following the official
profile of @hotelsulayr and @alquilersulayr once the participation period has started, as well
as to those who have been following it before the beginning of the contest.
In this profile @hotelsulayr and @alquilersulayr will hang a publication announcing the contest
and informing of the 3 requirements that must be met to participate in it, which are
Be a follower of @hotelsulayr and @alquilersulayr on Instagram
Give «I like» to the photo announcing the contest.
Mention two friends in the comments of the contest photo.
@hotelsulayr and @alquilersulayr reserves the right to discard any contributions or comments
that are lacking in content or do not relate to the topic raised by HOTEL SULAYR, and also
reserves the right to remove such comments from its wall.

HOTEL SULAYR will invite its supporters to comment and share HOTEL SULAYR’s publication
regarding the contest with their friends on the wall of their respective personal biographies,
although this will not be a criterion for participation in this contest.

It will be an essential requirement to comply with the requirements for the awarding of the
prize and the assignment of the participant’s image rights in the terms expressed in these rules
to be able to access the prize.

3.2. Incompatibilities and impossibility of receiving the prize:

The same person may not be chosen twice, i.e., may not be the winner and the substitute, nor
occupy the two substitute positions described above.
The same user can participate as many times as he wants and all of them will be valid at the
moment of choosing the winner.

The person who wins the contest, either as a winner or as a substitute, may participate in
future contests that HOTEL SULAYR decides to carry out if the prize after the first one is not
No prize may be received by anyone who, having fulfilled all the requirements for
participation, does not continue to fulfil them at the time of the awarding of the prize.


Once the participation period is over, HOTEL SULAYR will register those participants who have
commented on the publication and will generate a provisional listing file that includes the
names of the Instagram profiles of all those users. In the second instance, it will proceed to
check that all those users included in the list are followers of the official profile of
@hotelsulayr and @alquilersulayr in Instagram. Once this check has been made, the final list of
participants in the competition will be closed. The list of winners will then be entered into the
app-sorteos website to choose the winner and substitutes at random.
The whole process will be recorded and uploaded as a story to the instagram account of
@hotelsulayr and @alquilersulayr

Within the period established for this purpose in these rules, the procedure for notifying the
winner will be initiated in accordance with the provisions of Clause Five of the rules.

HOTEL SULAYR reserves the right to modify the procedure established herein for any reason.


Once the winner is selected HOTEL SULAYR will act as follows:

It will contact the winner by sending a private message on the Instagram social network. This
communication will be made within THREE (3) BUSINESS DAYS from the date of the contest. In
this communication you will be informed of your status as a winner and you will be asked to
confirm/communicate to HOTEL SULAYR your personal data (Name and Surname, email and
mobile phone number) for the sole purpose of coordinating the delivery of the prize.

If the winner does not respond to HOTEL SULAYR’s initial contact, it will be understood that
he/she does not accept the prize and that he/she renounces his/her status as a winner. HOTEL
SULAYR will then proceed to contact the first alternate following the same procedure and
deadlines as those previously established in this clause. In this case, this first substitute will
assume the condition of winner.

In the event that HOTEL SULAYR once again fails to receive a reply within the time limit and in
the manner described above, HOTEL SULAYR shall contact the second substitute in the
competition, who shall assume the status of the winner. In case of not getting an answer from
the substitute in the established term and form, the prize will not be awarded. Likewise, the
prize will not be awarded if the winners are unable to accept the prize for any reason.

No claims will be admitted by those winners who, having been contacted in time and form,
have not replied to HOTEL in the time and form established in this clause.
It is at the sole discretion of HOTEL SULAYR to hold a second contest according to the
mechanics established in Clause Four.
The prize of the contest of this promotion, in no case may be subject to change or
compensation at the request of the winner. HOTEL SULAYR reserves the right to modify the
prize in the terms established in Clause Two of these rules.


The participants who provide their data to this page authorize HOTEL SULAYR expressly to
reproduce and use their name, surname, Instagram profile, voice and / or image in any
advertising and / or promotional activity related to the contest in which they are awarded,
without such use conferring any right to remuneration or benefit. The participants specially
and expressly authorize HOTEL SULAYR to use them in the framework of the advertising and/or
promotional activity related to the contest that is carried out in the social networks of HOTEL

The participants in the competition assign free of charge to HOTEL SULAYR any type of rights
that may correspond to them in relation to their participation in the competition, in particular,
all intellectual property rights of a patrimonial nature and, in particular, the rights of
reproduction, distribution, public communication, dissemination and making available to the
public, as well as the right of transformation by any means, whether audiovisual,
photographic, reprographic, television, film, video-graphic, phonographic, computer,
electronic, analog and / or digital, including telecommunications networks, social networks and
the Internet, for everyone and until its passage into the public domain, HOTEL SULAYR may
assign, transfer by any means and license such rights to third parties.

HOTEL SULAYR may, before awarding the prize to the winner, obtain the express consent of
the winner for the purpose of promoting the competition, using his/her name and image,
strictly subject to the obligations that HOTEL SULAYR has under the Organic Law 15/1999 of 13
December on the Protection of Personal Data and the Organic Law 1/1982 on the Civil
Protection of the Right to Honour, Personal and Family Privacy and Image.

The participants in the contest exempt HOTEL SULAYR and its collaborators from any
responsibility derived, in particular, from plagiarism or in general from any other transgression
of the legislation in force, guaranteeing to be the holders of the rights of intellectual property,
with faculty for its cession to third parties with the scope, temporary and territorial scope
established in the previous paragraphs, not infringing with it rights of third parties.


To withdraw or send the prize, the current tax legislation in force at the time of withdrawing or
sending the prize will apply.
The period for lodging any claim related to the celebration of the competition ends 15 days
after the last day of the participation period.
In accordance with Organic Law 15/1999, of 13 December, on the Protection of Personal Data,
HOTEL SULAYR informs the participant that the data provided will be included in files for which
HOTEL SULAYR is responsible, whose details are listed in the heading of these rules, and will be
processed for the purpose of managing this promotion.
The participant may access his/her data, rectify them, cancel them and oppose their
processing, under the terms and conditions provided for in the aforementioned personal data
protection regulations, by writing to the HOTEL SULAYR headquarters, located at Ctra. de
Sierra Nevada km23 – Güéjar Sierra, Granada.
Notwithstanding the above, we inform you that the data provided will be deleted from the
aforementioned files once 180 days have passed since the last day of the participation period.
The bases will be published during the entire period of participation on the website of HOTEL
If there are any doubts about the interpretation of these rules, the Organizer’s criteria will
prevail. Any statement to the contrary, i.e. not accepting them, will imply the exclusion of the
participant and, as a result, HOTEL SULAYR will be released from the obligation it has
contracted with that participant.
If any provision of these Rules is declared totally or partially null and void or ineffective, such
nullity or ineffectiveness shall affect only that provision or part thereof that is null and void or
ineffective, and the rest of the Rules shall continue to apply and such provision or part thereof
shall be deemed to be affected by its non-application, unless, as it is essential to these Rules, it
would affect them in their entirety. This contest is carried out through the official profile of
HOTEL SULAYR in Instagram.
Instagram does not sponsor, endorse or administer in any way this contest, which is in no way
associated with Instagram. On the other hand, participants in the contest organized by HOTEL
SULAYR expressly release Instagram from any liability arising from this contest.
HOTEL SULAYR reserves the right to suspend, extend and/or cancel this competition, provided
there is a justified reason, as well as to modify these rules. HOTEL SULAYR undertakes to notify
the new rules, conditions or, if applicable, the definitive cancellation of the competition with

sufficient notice, without this implying any kind of responsibility for HOTEL SULAYR or any right
to compensation of any kind for the participants.
HOTEL SULAYR is exempt from any liability in the event of any error in the data provided by the
winners that prevents their correct identification and communication.


The participants, by the mere fact of participating in this promotion, accept these legal bases
and the criteria of HOTEL SULAYR regarding the resolution of any issue arising from this

Any statement in the sense of not accepting them, will imply the exclusion of the participant
and, as a result of this, HOTEL SULAYR will be released from the obligation to that participant.
By accepting the prize, the winner assumes all expenses incurred, except those expressly
included in the promotion in question, as well as the responsibility that may arise from the
collection and use of such prize. In this regard, the winner will be responsible for any taxes
incurred or expenses not specifically mentioned in these rules.


This competition is governed by Spanish law. Both the organizer and the participants, expressly
waiving any other jurisdiction that may correspond to them, agree to submit any dispute that
may arise regarding the interpretation, execution and/or compliance with the provisions of
these rules to the Courts and Tribunals of the city of Madrid.

In Granada, on February 9 th, 2020.